Carbon Literacy Courses

Carbon Literacy Courses 

A Carbon Literacy Course will give you an understanding of what climate change is, the scale of its effects, and how museums fit into the global, national and local picture to address climate change. You will become Carbon Literate by making an individual pledge, and an organisational pledge to take back to your museum, of what you can do, and is in your power to achieve, to make a significant difference to your carbon impact.

Who are the courses aimed at?
This course is for volunteers and paid staff who work across all service areas from Accredited Museums or those working towards Accreditation in England. We advise that, where possible, two people from your organisation attend the course for peer support when developing actions.

Priority for places will be for Accredited Museums and those Working Towards Accreditation in England that are not DCMS sponsored National museums or ACE funded National Portfolio Organisations.

What does a course involve?
The courses are delivered in modules via an online platform for which you will need a computer or tablet to access and includes presentations, joint working exercises and discussion and video content. In order to become certified as Carbon Literate, you must complete an entire course and submit your individual and organisational pledges as explained in the final session. By booking on the Carbon Literacy course, you are committing to undertake 7.5 hours of training, split over a series of three sessions.

Part 1: Course materials distributed for 1.5 hours of independent learning. One week to complete.

Pre-recorded course introduction and the basic science of climate change.
This session will give an overview of the Carbon Literacy course and a link to watch a documentary that presents the science and facts about climate change. In the Introduction, you will be asked to some questions to consider when watching the documentary.

Post-session activity: identify your museum object as explained in the introductory video.

Part 2: Live online session. 2.5 hours (with break)

This session will focus on the impacts of climate change, equity and vulnerability as well as the roles of museums in tackling the climate crisis and green recovery. You will be asked to reflect on the questions posed in session 1 during the first part of this session.

Post-session activity: calculate your carbon footprint (WWF calculator).

Part 3: Live online sessions. 3.5 hours (with breaks)

This session will be delivered in two 1 hour 45 minute sessions with three breaks.
The morning session focuses on carbon budgets, the UK and International policy positions, and carbon footprints. The afternoon session is all about action planning and how we talk about climate change with others.

Post/end of session activity: complete your Carbon Literacy participant form.

All parts of the training must be completed for learners to be eligible for Carbon Literacy certification.

How to Book
Courses will be advertised in batches throughout the Programme. If you end up on a waiting list, you will be notified when new courses become available.

Next Carbon Literacy Course 

4 September 2024 – Module 1 course materials will be sent via email

11 September 2024 – Module 2 live session 10.00-12.30 via zoom

12 September 2024 – Module 3 live session 10.00-11.45 and Module 4 live session 13.00-14.45

This course is now available to book.

Please Note: By booking on a course, you agree for Museum Development North to share your booking information with your area Museum Development provider.

Joining Instructions: You will receive joining instructions in advance of the session via email.