Carbon Literacy for Museums Toolkit

What is the Carbon Literacy for Museums Toolkit? 

Carbon Literacy training is a tried and tested model of delivery that gives delegates a deeper understanding of the climate crisis and how they, as individuals and workers, can accelerate their action to respond to the climate crisis.

The Carbon Literacy for Museums Toolkit has been designed with museum staff and volunteers in mind, and will empower all museum workers to enact significant, achievable change within their workplace to reduce carbon emissions, and to use their platforms to positively influence their audiences and communities.

The Toolkit contains a day’s worth of learning and action planning, and has been co-created, reviewed, and piloted alongside a panel of museums and organisations in the sector, ensuring it is a practical and relevant resource to support your museum’s environmental responsibility goals. It consists of a Slide Deck; a comprehensive Trainer Manual; activity resources; a ‘Getting Started’ pack; a pre-recorded video to support delivery; and a post-training resource document for learners. The Toolkit has the flexibility to be adapted for your local area, using local environmental data and case studies.

The Toolkit has also been adapted for a face-to-face delivery model. Museum Development teams across England are also delivering regional training courses for Accredited non-National museums with the support of a new Museum Carbon Literacy Officer post.

How do I find out more about the Toolkit?

The Toolkit is accessible to all museums in the UK via The Carbon Literacy Project. To find out more about the Toolkit, what it contains and for sector testimonials, head over to the Museums pages of The Carbon Literacy Project’s website

Museums in the UK can access the Toolkit via The Carbon Literacy Project website. You can use the content to schedule and run your own training sessions for your workforce. For more information and to access the Toolkit, visit the website.
Learner certification fees apply, generally £10 per learner. The training materials can be accessed by museums and their approved training providers for the purposes of certified Carbon Literacy training.