Getting Your House in Order Workshop 1: Introduction to Spectrum 5.1

Illustrated image of a vase, painting and shell

The Getting Your House in Order online programme uses the framework of Spectrum 5.1 and its procedures to focus on the planning and work required for museums to get their collections documentation in order. There are six workshops in the programme led by staff at the Collections Trust.  For more information visit here.

This session will offer an introduction to the Spectrum standard and will put into context the Spectrum procedures covered in the other workshops in the programme.

We will discuss the Spectrum 5.1 requirements and guidance and how these might be applied by an organisation. The session will give a brief and basic overview of the Spectrum 5.1 primary procedures and update attendees about the most recent general changes to Spectrum, including changes to language.

The session will also cover policy development, and the difference and relationship between plans, policies and procedures.

There will be opportunities to ask questions during the session, as well as share ideas with other attendees.

By the end of the session, attendees will:

  • Understand what the Spectrum standard is, and how it might be applied within their museum.
  • Understand the role of the Spectrum standard in relation to museum Accreditation.
  • Understand recent changes within Spectrum 5.1.
  • Understand the role of policy and where to find information to develop policies.
  • Know where to find more information and guidance.