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Elevenses, Tuesday 24 September, The Neurodiverse Museum – changing the sector for and with neurodivergent people

The Neurodiverse Museum aims to effect whole sector change. With a focus on three pillars – representation of neurodivergent people within museum collections, spaces and exhibitions; access to museums for neurodivergent people; and the representation of neurodivergent people in a fit for purpose workforce – The Neurodiverse Museum has created The Principles for Museums and […]

24 September 2024

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Elevenses, Thursday 3 October, Taking stock of your current digital preservation capability to inform next steps

Archives Consultant Simon Wilson is leading Danum Digital: Getting Doncaster’s digital records on track a project funded by The National Archives Resilience Grant. As well as supporting colleagues in Doncaster a key element of the project is to engage with museum colleagues across the North. The session will introduce the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Rapid Assessment […]

3 October 2024

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Elevenses, Wednesday 16 October, Making the Most of an Organisational Health Check

The Museums’ Organisational Health Check (OHC) is a tool for museums that is used across all the English Regions by Museum Development England. It is designed as an indicator to help you highlight your museum’s strengths, understand where your museum has areas of development and feed into your forward planning.  This will enable you to prioritise and […]

16 October 2024

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