Elevenses, Wednesday 5 June, Volunteers, We really can do so much more with you!

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Michele Armstrong is Head of Volunteering for The Auckland Project and the lead for the North East Heritage Volunteering Group.  She brings a lifelong passion for volunteering to the table. Michele began as a volunteer herself from the age of 15 years and finds joy in every aspect of volunteering. She is dedicated to creating opportunities for others to get involved and is always amazed at the variety of ways people choose to contribute; with the support of dedicated individuals as volunteers, we can achieve so much more.

In this session Michele will explore the impact of volunteering and the skills they can bring. The landscape is changing more and more, engagers of volunteers are competing with a plethora of ways in which individuals choose to use their leisure time, as well as the need to understand how individuals want to volunteer.

How do engagers of volunteers face the challenge of accommodating diverse individual motivations and preferences while ensuring that there are suitable roles available for everyone who wants to volunteer? How do we engage new audiences and entice them to volunteer? Michelle may not have all the answers, but she has some observations to share!

This session is part of MD North’s programme for Volunteers’ Week, celebrating the amazing contributions volunteers make to communities across the UK taking place between 3rd-9th June.

Insightful, interactive and informal, come along to gain new insights from our guests, meet colleagues from the region, connect with the MD North team and discuss your own projects. Everyone who works and volunteers in museums is most welcome, including museum freelancers who want to stay connected.

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