Carbon Literacy for Museums: Trainer Support Session

Summary: This free session is designed to support people who have already undertaken Carbon Literacy to roll out training in their museums.

Who is the course aimed at? This course is for people who work in, with, or for museums in England who are interested in delivering Carbon Literacy training. We advise that, where possible, two people from your organisation attend the course. They should ideally already be certified as Carbon Literate.

Requirements: The session will be delivered via an online platform and includes presentations, collaborative working exercises, and group discussion. A computer or tablet is recommended.

What does the session involve? The session will cover aspects of the course content, materials and delivery mechanisms, as well as trainer scenarios and opportunity for questions.

Materials: Delegates will have advance access to the Toolkit Slide Deck and Trainer Manual, to provide opportunity for familiarisation with the content. These materials are not to be used or shared for any other purpose. Access to the full Carbon Literacy for Museums Toolkit is enabled once a prospective trainer has confirmed their Toolkit pathway in agreement with either Museum Development or the Carbon Literacy Project.

Joining Instructions: You will receive joining instructions in advance of the session via email.

Want to know more?

The Carbon Literacy Toolkit for Museums is available to all museums in the UK who wish to roll it out in their organisations via The Carbon literacy Project as part of the Roots & Branches project. You can find out more about the Toolkit here: Museums – The Carbon Literacy Project