Resource Category: Collections Management

Worth The Investment

This publication showcases the work happening with numismatic collections in the North West since 2013.

Accreditation Self-Assessment Planning Tool

Self-assessment planning tool template for Accreditation. This document is designed to act as a self-assessment tool when working towards Museums Accreditation either as a new museum or as a museum accredited under the 2018 Standard.

Collections Biography Toolkit 2021

This Word Document toolkit provides a framework to undertake an initial survey of a museum collection to create a collection biography and provide an overview of the collection. A collection biography is useful as a simple aid to increase understanding of a collection and to give access to all who use it or are involved in its management.

Collections Management Checklist

This Word Document provides a simple check-list to determine the state of collections management procedures in your museum.

Accreditation Resources 2024

Links to ACE, Collections Trust and Webinars.

Archaeological Archive Deposition Policy for Museums in Yorkshire and the Humber

This policy is designed to create a uniform region wide approach to the preparation and deposition of archaeological archives. The document has been developed in partnership with museums throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region, local government archaeological officers, English Heritage, the University of York and a number of field archaeological units.