Getting Your House In Order 4: Inventory and Documentation Planning

Illustrated image of a vase, painting and shell

This session will explore the potential steps and considerations involved when undertaking an inventory project, using the Spectrum 5.1 Inventory procedure as a framework.

What is the difference between the Inventory and Audit procedures? What information do you need to meet the requirements for the Inventory procedure? How can you create a realistic documentation plan to address inventory projects?

There will be opportunities to discuss with other attendees, ask questions throughout and submit questions in advance.

There are 22 places on this workshop. Places are available for museums in the north of England, priority will be given to those which are not regularly funded by Arts Council England or central government. If there are more than two delegates from a single museum booked on a workshop we reserve the right to amend delegate lists to allow museums from the waiting list to participate.

By the end of the session, attendees will:
Understand the role of the Spectrum standard, and its supporting guidance, in relation to museum Accreditation.
Understand the Spectrum requirements for the Inventory procedure.
Understand policy related to Inventory.
Know how to develop a realistic plan to address gaps in inventory information.
Know where to find more information and guidance.